Unique Epoxy Projects You Can Try

There are DIYers, and then there are DIYers that use epoxy.

Epoxy resin is the ultimate DIYers dream. You can upgrade the flooring or countertops in your home, or craft one-of-a-kind tables, lamps, and other household decorations. All you need is the right know-how and a little inspiration. This is your inspiration: Here are 5 unique epoxy projects you can try.

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1.    Tables, tables, tables

Tables are fun and easy for epoxy pros to create. There are endless ways you can use epoxy, making each table unique. As just one idea, use epoxy to embed river rocks into the center of a table. Another idea is to use epoxy resin over wood to keep that wood grain look, but make the table itself more durable. You can even use a marbling effect to create a cute and colorful epoxy table for kids’ rooms.

2.    Doorknobs

This is one project that is less common, but the outcome is exquisite. Make unique doorknobs or drawer knobs with epoxy. Using a mold, add pieces to the epoxy such as nuts, bolts, stones, buttons- anything you want to give it that personal touch. Complete the mold and let dry for one of a kind, handmade knobs around your home.

3.    Floors galore

There’s no doubt that floors are the most common thing people use epoxy for. The best garage floor epoxy project is a simple project to do for anyone. The result is more professional, clean, and updated looking floors with the durability to last much longer than average.

4.    Art

Since anything can be considered art, it’s not hard to create a masterpiece with epoxy. Use epoxy especially when trying to preserve natural elements such as twigs, leaves, flowers, even small insects. Create beautiful paperweights or various standing decorations.