How Weather Affects Mosquitos

Weather is one of the biggest motivators in a mosquito routine and the way they handle their activities. As cold-blooded insects, mosquitos cannot regulate their internal body temperatures. They need specific environments to survive.

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When it is wet in Akron, expect to see more mosquitos than normal. Mosquitos lay eggs in standing water. These eggs can survive for up to eight months, even if the water dries out. Heavy rains are especially beneficial for the mosquito. The more water, the more potential to bring mosquitoes to the home.

Since weather is something that none of us can control, it is important that residential mosquito treatment akron is a regular part of the way you do things. It is expensive and keeps mosquitos away from your home. You worry less and enjoy more days outdoors when a mosquito treatment is used. You’ll be happy treatment is a part of the way you do things.

Most mosquitoes come out during the summer. They need temperatures above 26 degrees to thrive but prefer the warmer weather. Akron has great summer weather and mosquitos couldn’t be happier about that great weather.

Remember that mosquitoes are annoying when they bite, leaving itchy welts behind on the skin. They also carry diseases such as Zika virus and West Nile virus. You should be proactive in the prevention of mosquitoes at your home if you want less worry and happier days.

The type of species in the area also impacts the way that the pest comes out to roam around.  Some species are more active than others. The time of the day also factors in. You’ll notice mosquitos are more active at dusk and at dawn. They enjoy the evening quite well and most Akron residents find this time of the day the worst for the pest.