A Few Signs You Have a Hard Water Problem

Hard water is a problem for homeowners all over the country. It can affect the quality of your drinking water, and it can pose a threat to the piping and appliances of your home.

Of course, to know whether or not you have a hard water problem, you need to be able to recognize the signs that it is present in the first place.

Knowing the Signs of Hard Water

If you suspect that you may have a hard water problem, or you just want to get informed for the future, then knowing a few of the most common signs of hard water can go a long way in diagnosing the problem.

Here are some of the most obvious signs of hard water issues.

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·    You notice strange staining in toilets or sinks

If you see brown or red staining on porcelain, then this could be a telltale sign of hard water, particularly the iron present in hard water. You can usually identify these spots because they almost look like rust, and there is a good reason for that, too. The iron in the water usually ends up coming from rusty water pipes.

·    Your pipes are constantly clogged

Thanks to hard water problems, large buildups of scale deposits can be the culprit to many clogged pipe problems in your home. If you are constantly having problems with clogged water pipes, then hard water could be to blame for the issue.

·    Your water smells or tastes different

If you notice a strange smell or taste coming from your tap water, this could also be a sign of hard water. For example, if you try to taste your water and notice an oddly metallic taste, too much iron in the water could be to blame.

Knowing the signs of hard water problems is your first line of defense in identifying and combating the problem. If you think you have hard water problems, then choosing from some of the best water softeners can be a great way to combat hard water and soften it to tackle the issue.